TOPDUX-200 Series

DUX-200 Series

  ▲FRX-23F 2U full chassis

  ▲FRX-12F 1U full chassis

  ▲FRX-12H/FRX-12D 1U half-chassis


  12G-SDI compatible, various modules with bypass function etc. are built in the DUX chassis.
  The chassis is selected from the following 3 types according to the application and
  the number of lines.

DUX chassis

FRX-23F 2U full chassis 10 modules installable
FRX-12F 1U full chassis 3 modules installable
FRX-12H 1U half-chassis 1 module installable
FRX-12D 1U half model 1 Module mounting DC12V power input


■DUX-20  12G/3G-SDI 2SI, Level-A) Converter  ○
■DUX-20B  12G/3G-SDI(2SI / Square, Level-A / B) Converter  ○
■DUX-21  12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI Distributor  ○
■DUX-205 4K/HD Down converter  ○
■DUX-206 HD/4K Up converter  ○
■DUX-210 HDR/SDR converter  ○
■DUX-211 HD Still file telopar
■DUX-212 HD Still file telopar/DSK
■DUX-214 Logo,Test signal generator  ○
■DUX-217 4K/HD/SD Audio Multiplexer  ○
■DUX-218 4K/HD/SD Audio Demultiplexer  ○
■DUX-219 4K/HD Video timer  ○

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