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Video Signal Generator: Shibasoku Co., Ltd.
Multi Test Signal Generator<Discontinued>
TG39B Multi Test Signal Generator : Shibasoku Co., Ltd. This TG39BC of Multi-TV format Test Signal Generator is designed tonsupport the testing requirements of eight television systems -NTSC, NTSC-50 Hz, NTSC-4.43 MHz, PAL, PAL-60 Hz, PAL-M, PAL-N and SECAM. Video signal generated are composite video and GBR signals, or YCBCR and S-VHS (Y/C) signals. They are also equipped with SCART connector outputs (Europian systems), and a combination function, with a maximum number of combined patterns is more than 50 raised to the eight power.

The RF section generates an RF signal of 30 MHz to 955 MHz. Settings for the RF signal included frequency settings, specifying the input channnel (VHF, UHF and CATV), and the channel can be set easily even if its frequency is not known. When a channnel has been specified and set, the standard charactoers of this equipment can be superimposed on the screen. A surface acoustic wave filter (SAW filter) is also built into each TV system in this equipment, giving the quality of high accuracy for all broadcasting standards. Since the vision carrier and sound carrier have an inverting function; the equipment can also be used for the French LOW channnel (SECAM-L system only).

Equipped with over 100 types of standard video output signals including monoscorpe pattern, color bar, stair step, multi burst and white signals, the TG39BC signal generators are ideal for inspecting resolution, color reproducibility, frequency response, linearity, S/N and others. This generator can be used for many systems because it is provided with not only various mode selection functions for for video signals including ON/OFF toggling of burst signals, switching between color and monochrome, switching between interlace mode and non-interlace mode (262 lines/field or 312 lines/field), and switching of aspect ratio between 4:3 or 16:9, but also the scroll function.

Equipped with an external video input connector and an external audio input the TG39BC signal generators also includes models equipped with the sound MPX, teletext and closed captioning functions, offering the ideal selection of the signal generator that exactly meet any customer requirement.

Not only pursuing the versatility of television systems and signal selection but also useful functions and switch arrangement have been considered from the standpoint of operational ease. As the signal source for reseach and development, production facility and any other location which requires a wide range of test signals.
Conforms to eight television systems: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-N, NTSC-4.43 MHz, NTSC-50 Hz and PAL-60 Hz.
Three composite analog outputs conforming to the eight television systems, are output from the front and rear. The front output VBS3, rear output VBS2, and RF video signals are provided with a vary function for internally generated video signals. Either GBR or YCBCR analog output, which comfirms to eight television systems, is output. The GBR output can be switched to GBR or YCBCR.
The TG39BC is equipped with one SCART connector and one 4-pin mini DIN connector.
HS, VS and C.SYNC output connector, it is each equipped with one system.
A WSS (Wide Screen Signaling) signal can be superimposed. The information in the 14 bits can be set individually.
Scroll function is loaded. Can be set scroll speed (10 steps) and directions arbitrarily.
The monoscope pattern signal has the 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio.
In the VBS2 output, characters are superimposed (any of the same channel, RF output frequency, and V-CHIP rating for the RF output can be displayed).
Using pattern option, natural pictures, and signal such as CZP and V SWEEP can be employed (TG39AA011 to TG39AA022).
As an option, GP-IB unit can be built-in (TG39AA001).
Two video signal input is equipped (BNC and RCA pins). An external signal is modulated and can be output as an RF signal. However, in case of external input, TELETEXT signal of TG30BC cannot be added.
Internal audio oscillator generates 400 Hz, 1 kHz, sweep and sinewave audio within 50 Hz to 10 kHz in steps of 10 Hz.
Two audio signal input is equipped (BNC and RCA pins). INPUT1 can connect to the ExternalSound Multiplex Signal Generators TA35D and AS953B from Shibasoku in addition to usual sound input. Furthermore, the external sound signals AUDIO L and AUDIO R can be input from INPUT2 and converted sound multiplex signals for superimposition on the RF signal.
The RF signal level can be varied in steps of 0.5 dB, and video RF signal modulation can be varied in steps of 0.5%.
The audio RF signal deviation (modulation) can be varied in steps of +/-0.5 kHz (0.5%).
The P/S ratioIn can be varied in steps of 0.5 dB in the range 0 to 30.0 dB.
The video RF and audio RF signals can be turned on or off independently.
The sound MPX functions corresponding to various nations can be equipped. When sound multiplex function are used, the sound carrier level of the first and second sounds (and the QPSK signal) can be varied independently.
The teletext and the closed captioning functions can be equipped. All rating of closed captioning V-CHIP are supported.
The closed captioning CC1 to CC4 and T1 to T4 can be set to that they can be set individually.
The 8/30 Format1 output can be set ON and OFF. In addition, the NI (Network Indentification) code can be set to any code.
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