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Video Signal Generator: Shibasoku
RA52A Wide Band Amplifier: Shibasoku
RA52A Wide Band Amplifier : Shibasoku The RA52A is a Wide Band Amplifier which covers the range from VHF to UHF in the TV broadcast band. A VHF or UHF wave can be input, to obtain a maximum of 18 dB of gain. The power of the output can be increased by connecting it to ShibaSoku's TG39A or TG19C multi test signal generator (75Ω) or RT83B multi channel signal generator (50Ω). The standard input/output impedance is 75Ω, but 50Ω can also be specified.
Wide band characteristics, from VHF to UHF.
A high video carrier output level, 127 dBµ/75Ω.
Excellent intermodulation characteristics.
The output level can be varied in steps of 1 dB.
Two sets of amplifiers are installed in the 50mmH main frame, and can be rack-mounted.
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