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Broadcasting Equipment: Shibasoku
PS11AX Broadcasting Network Checker: Shibasoku
PA11AX Broadcasting Network Checker : Shibasoku The PS11AX is a portable test signal generator, whose measurement functions for broadband relay and material transmission are all incorporated in a compact case.This is available for a wide range of applications: e.g., it displays its greatest force in relay and material transmission sites using the HD material recording + sound multi-channel, which is becoming a mainstream technique for world-class events.

The PS11AX supports HD and SD multi-format and can output color bar signals, pathological signals and lip sync test signals. In addition, it is equipped with the freeze check function, as well as a function that allows you to check audio information. It also allows for superposition of the characters (logo and telop) that indicate sending and receiving stations or a program material name, etc.Also, it can output sound channel information as electronic sounds, which allows you to check each sound channel easily at transmitting and receiving stations.
Compact unit, light and portable.
Supports DC and battery drive systems. (option)
Supports both HDTV/SDTV multi format.
Equipped SDI output (two system) + embedded audio (eight channels).
Equipped four systems for AES/EBU audio outputs.
Corresponds the GENLOCK function, logo superposition and simple telop functions.
Output the sound channel ID by using electronic sounds. It can also send signals in sequence according to the settings.
Corresponds the freeze check function and audio information superposition functions.
Generates lip sync test signal patterns, monoscope pattern or natural pictures (option).
Supports sound output for EBU Tech 3304 Multichannel Audio Line-up Tone.
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